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Promoting women's visibility and representation in the finance industry.

Not just "Us" but We

Start building your future career and develop your interest in finance by joining Bellon Tech. We offer you the opportunity to excel as a candidate while networking with driven students and professionals, all of which while having a great time. A membership to Bellon Tech will lead to a better career and above all, a more rewarding student experience. Are you ready to make a great investment in your future career by becoming a member of Bellon Tech?

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Membership Benefits

Career guidance on internship and graduate opportunities

⁠Training in Excel, Powerpoint, and Python

⁠Network opportunities with like-minded students and professionals 

⁠Guest speaker events with industry profiles

⁠Banking tours to London, New York, and Los Angeles

⁠The chance to apply to our career fairs

Leading By Example 

Allison Carey


Tanya Canes

⁠Vice President

Anna Gonzalez

⁠Director of Opts

Candice Johnson


Annual Women in Finance Summer Camp

The Bellon Tech community aims to do more than just help women find their voice in the world of finance. We also want to help enable young women and girls to find a community in which they relate. With that said, Bellon Tech offers an annual summer camp specifically geared towards teaching young women the benefits and practices of the finance world alongside some of the most influential female finance leaders of today.  

Community Activism

⁠Bellon Tech prides itself in being a part of the community. Right now we are located in twelve different cities across the United States. Our goal is to help women across the U.S. learn the benefits of financial freedom as well as encourage diversity throughout the world of finance. Bellon Tech that goal starts with community activism and outreach.